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Granulation Machine
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Dies and Punches

Comuniting Mill Machine

Tablet Design :

The solid edge technology generates exciting designs to create a high quality profile. The clear logo is embossed on the tablet face, which reflects a precise image of the particular pharmaceutical company. The design of the tablet is also playing its roll for the image of the company.


Euro and IPT Standards :

The Yogesh Pharma Machinery, is working closely with EURO and IPT standards. This provides interchangeability of all “B” and “D” type tooling.


After conducting the various tests, we are using the pharmaceutical grade steel – OHNS (T) AND HCHC.

Accuracy, Quality and Finishing :

  • qms, process control usage,
  • The CNC machineries.
  • The acme guaranteed tool controls.
  • Very fast and finished quality.